Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Unlimited Free Trial" mean?

You can try Scribe for an unlimited amount of time without paying, but Scribe will nag you to buy a license. Buying a license helps fund the further development of Scribe and I appreciate every single person who buys one.

Scribe stopped working after I upgraded to a newer version of Xcode

A new version of Scribe is required for every new version of Xcode because only loads plugins specifically designated for its exact version through a special GUID.

To get Scribe working again, install the latest version from this site (making sure it indicates compatibility your version of Xcode first). All your settings will be retained.

What do I have to type to get automatic parameters and return information?

Use any comment style that is recognized by Xcode's documentation system:

  • ObjC: /**<enter>, /*!<enter>, //!<space>
  • Swift: /**<enter>, ///<space>
What is the difference between "Convert Comment" and "Reformat Comment"?

"Convert Comment" changes the syntax of the comment (e.g. from /** */ to ///) while keeping the content of the comment exactly the same.

"Reformat Comment" also changes the syntax, but at the same time it rewraps all the text and organizes all the command sections according to your specified formatting rules.

How do I uninstall Scribe?

To uninstall scribe, simply delete the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/Scribe.xcplugin.

I have a feature suggestion

Cool, I'd love to hear about it!