Scribe is an Xcode plugin that turns comment authoring into a delightful experience.

Scribe is perfect for teams trying to increase code readability and team communication, as well as individual Swift and ObjC developers who wish that writing comments in Xcode wasn't such a chore.

  • Spell Checking

    Scribe enhances Xcode with spellcheck as you type, spelling suggestions, and automatic spelling corrections.
  • Auto-Completing Comments

    Automatic comment blocks for methods. Placeholders for method description, parameter names and return value.
  • Effortless Comment Editing

    Type naturally in comment blocks and let Scribe take care of adding/removing lines and automatically wrapping your text.
  • Convert and Reformat

    Easily convert comments from one style to another or reformat their content to meet your style guidelines.
  • Customizable to meet your needs

    Templates and comment styles are fully customizable. Choose the style that fits your team's style guidelines.
  • Multi-Language Support

    Scribe fully supports both Swift and Objective-C and their unique comment markup syntax.

Improve software maintainability

Scribe was built with the singular goal making source code comments easy to write and maintain. It improves team communication and code maintainability through better documentation.

Experience the benefits of Scribe for free

Version 1.3.3
Supports Xcode 6.0—7.3.1 on OS X 10.10+
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